My name is Megan Fontana-Juarez. I grew up in the Bay Area, mainly around Oakland and Concord. I graduated from high school in 2009. It Was after high school when I found photography. I bought my first camera off of eBay, it was a Canon Eos Rebel XT. I have recently upgraded to a Canon Eos Rebel T5i.

I am currently attending California State University, East Bay, formerly known as California State University, Hayward. I am majoring in Digital Media Communications, this is where I found the right teachers to help me better my skills. I have found that I have a love for photojournalism. This is part of why I have created my latest project, Homeless of the Bay. I want to show people that the homeless deserve to be treated better and with respect. I want to show that they are people as well. In general I love all photography and I hope you enjoy my photos!

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